The Magic Stick

One of the ways we want to test multiple value propositions in agriculture is a prototype dubbed the Magic Stick. The Magic Stick can read temperature and humidity and compare the values over location and time. The experience is quite simple - farmers stick the tip of the Magic Stick into the soil of their field and press the button on the top. The device gives immediate feedback to the farmer using a green (for positive results) or red (for negative) LED. We also want to try this out to help predict crop spoilage by sticking it into piles of stored grain.

Analogous to having the stick send data to the internet, we decided to make the device write to a local SD card which we have easy access to. The data captured is a time-series .CSV file containing latitude, longitude, temperature and humidity that can be visualized. 

The Magic Stick will hopefully give the farmers a better picture into the health of their crops and yields.