Boiling the Ocean

This project is starting broad! Lionel, our design intern here at has been cranking through a volume of research on both the wider world of emerging sensor tech and applications for sensors in developing economies.

Agriculture has begun to emerge as a space where there was a need for automation and the potential for efficiency gains through the application of appropriate sensor technology.

That being said, we see the need to explore the world a little more and understand what kinds of sensors are out there.

Lionel is going deep. His research is looking at the quantified self, remote diagnostics, emergency response triggers, women’s safety, water quality tracking, and various agricultural applications.

He is also asking what applications for remote sensor tech might exist domestically, looking specifically at the community he grew up in.  Some very cool possibilities emerged from this work – using noise sensors to trigger gunshot emergency response, hacking public lighting to illuminate unsafe areas, and on, and on, and on.

Some seriously cool stuff out there. Onwards now.