Building an Ideas Funnel

On day one of this project we decided that one of our outcomes should be a defensible business case. That is, whatever technology we end up using and whatever intervention we design, it must be economically viable. 

But here’s the thing. We don’t yet know what we are designing and we have lots technologies, potential partners, and focus areas that need vetting. Based on the work that Lionel did, we have a world of sensors but no way yet to vet them. So what we need is some way to distinguish between different categories of opportunities and ultimately asking what value creation in any project within a specific category might look like. Yea. Tricky.

Having conducted broad research, a few potential project categories have begun to emerge and with them, likely provocations to build a value creation hypothesis around:


Right now, this lens feels ok, but it will evolve as our thinking does, no doubt.